Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary


Named after the fort, this is perhaps the only sanctuary, where the Indian wolf is breeding successfully. Near village of Joba, 500 hectare of forest in the sanctuary is wolf habitat. Mostly west of the Kumbhalgarh Fort, covering over 600 sq km of area, the dense forest provides a suitable habitat for the endangered and the rare wild animals including the four horned antelope, sambar, wild boar, nilgai, sloth bear, leopard and caracal. The monsoon brings on the attractive flora and the autumn, russet colours.

Crocodiles and water fowl can be spotted at Thandi Beri Lake. A 5 km long trail has been developed to observe and enjoy the beauty of the sanctuary. Old buildings and ruins associated with Maharana Pratap are scattered across the sanctuary. There is a historic Shiv temple built by Maharana Pratap after the battle ofHaldighati. Further up, about 2 km, is Malagarh, the site where the Maharana stored his weapons for fighting the Mughal. One can also see the Bhil and the Grasia tribe living in their huts. Open throughout the year, however December to March is the best period to visit the sanctuary.

As the facility of vehicle is not available, it is advisable to hire your vehicle at Udaipur before Kumbhalgarh. There is a four wheel drive track within the sanctuary.

Hotels at Kumbhalgarh and also in the vicinity at Ghanerao, Narlai, Kotri and Ranakpur organize visit to the sanctuary, a jeep or horse safari. The popular jeep route is 15 km drive from Kumbhalgarh to Thandi Beri; the horse track includes Kumbhalgarh to Ghanerao via Thandi Beri; Ranakpur to Thandi Beri; Thandi Beri to Sumer and Roopanmata to Ranakpur. The hilly terrain of the sanctuary is also ideal for trekking.

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