Ranakpur Near Udaipur


The temple complex founded by Dharani Shah in the 15-century is overwhelming in scale, with an enormous basement four subsidiary shrines, 24 pillared halls, 80 domes supported by 420 columns, 44 spires and 5 exceptionally large domes covering the sanctuaries. Altogether there are 1444 intricately carved marble columns, no two exactly alike.

Excursion near Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur :
Ghanerao, a small village, 5 km beyond the Kumbhalgarh sanctuary and 18 km from the famed Ranakpur has a beautiful castle done in Rajasthan style architecture with marble pavilions, courtyards, wells, paintings and stables. 5 km from Ghanerao is a beautiful 10- century Jain shrine, Muchala Mahavir Temple located in an unspoiled village environment.

25 km from Kumbhalgarh and about an hour drive from Ranakpur, Rawla Narlai has a 17-century fort in the middle of the village. Originally used as a hunting lodge, this fortified
palace was a gift by Jodhpur Maharaja. The descendants of the formal royal family of Manvar now run it as a hotel. The owners organize day trips and horse safaris in and around the area.

25 km from Ranakpur, a 17- century royal house Kotri Raola run by Thakur Mahendra Singh is known world over for his passion to run horse safaris in to some of the most fascinating countryside.

The landed aristocracy of Dhamli Village, 55 km from Ranakpur are descendents of the brother of Roa Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur. In the year 1780 Budh Singh of Harsolav was granted a jagir (flefdom) of 12 Villages including Dhamli by the Maharaja Abhay Singh of Jodhpur for his gallantry shown in a battle during a campaign in the state of Gujrat. The present descendant is a famous linguistic tour escort and also lover of Marwari horses.

Sodawas, about 55 km from Ranakpur was given in Jagir (Fiefdom) to Thakur Bishan Singh by Maharaja Shri Umaid Singh of Jodhpur in the year 1943. The ancestral home, Kami Kot renovated and run by the present Thakur Sunder Singh and his family is a heritage hotel today.

30 km from Ranakpur is Falna, the railway head on the Mumbai main line. It is famous for its Jain Golden Temple, structure of which is coated with gold, about 100 kg donated by the Jain of Falna. It is also known for the S.RU. College, a premium education institution of Rajasthan.

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